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2018 Fruktstereo First We Take A Manhattan Then We Take A Berliner (Weisse), Sweden, 750ml Cidrerie du Vulcain Cidre de Fer Sec, 750ml 2018 Cidrerie du Vulcain Rose de Torny, 750ml
Is it a sour beer? Is it a cider? It's hard to say, it's a bit of both: 50% Berliner weisse wort (from Ho¨nsinge brewery) & 50% Pears. Fermented with the native yeast of the pears. If you like tart, fermented beverages, this is for you.
2017 Côme Isambert ft Frukstereo 50 Percent Apple, Pear & Quince Cider, 750ml
Apples and pears from Normandy.  Quince from the Loire.